Monday, June 10, 2013

Study on European Plagiarism to be presented

The Times Higher Education reports on the preliminary results of the IPPHEAE Study:
Data from the survey also show that almost a third of British students think they have plagiarized either deliberately or accidentally. This compares with 65 percent in Lithuania, 46 percent in France and only 10 percent in Germany. [...]
The preliminary findings will be presented next week at a conference hosted by Mendel University in the Czech Republic and sponsored by plagiarism detection service Turnitin. 
One  does rather wonder if this means that students in Lithuania are much more honest than German students... I will be attending this conference and giving a talk. I'll try and report on all of the other talks.


  1. I think that the problem for German students is something else: there is a lot of room for improvement in education about plagiarism. For example, I had a narrower definition of plagiarism before I learned something about the subject. If I had relied only on my university, that would not have changed at all: plagiarism wasn't covered in the official courses from my university. In fact, there were no special lectures about scientific work at all: students were (and are) expected to pick up the basics on their own during seminars.

    1. "students were (and are) expected to pick up the basics on their own during seminars."

      same holds for the teachers!

  2. Oh, I agree! There is far too little education about plagiarism and its avoidance happening in German universities.


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