Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Plagiarism Blog

I was at the Online Educa in Berlin today. It was kind of funny, I was at a stand for a plagiarism detection software, and they were talking about me as I came up. I introduced myself (the plagiarism expert in Germany, as defined by the media) and one guy gave me his card - "Please let me know if you have a newsletter or something."

On the way home I puzzled. I have no staff. I currently just tag to everything cool I find on plagiarism on the net. Then it hit me: just start another blog! Anyone can sign up by RSS. And now you can extensively comment 1) stupidities 2) conferences 3) papers and 4) sites on plagiarism.

The best, of course, my own: (in German). And my free E-Learning course, "Fremde Federn Finden" (in German). Blatant self-promotion here on this first post. I will go on to more, expecially giving English-language comments to the German-language press about plagiarism. Promise.