Monday, January 31, 2022

Czech researcher found guilty of academic misconduct, resigns position as rector

Leonid Schneider reported in his blog For Better Science on October 25, 2021 about a series of comments that Elizabeth Bik left on PubPeer about 21 of the 720 publications of a Czech cancer and nanotechnology researcher, Vojtěch Adam. He had been elected to have assumed the role of rector of the Mendel University of Brno on February 1, 2022.

However, as Elizabeth Bik reported in Science Integrity Digest on January 25, 2022,  the investigation committee has found him guilty of academic misconduct. The committee came to this conclusion in record time, only three months. The investigation report is available in English and concludes: "The Committee recommends retracting at least 6 papers to correct the scientific record."

Today Adam resigned from the position as rector, leaving it vacant. 

In a statement in Czech issued on January 31, 2022, Vojtěch Adam stated that he is putting the needs of the university above his own as a scientist and thus will not become rector tomorrow. The university has noted that the Academic Senate of the Mendel University today appointed an election commission to start a new search for a rector. It is not clear who will lead the university from tomorrow.

Update: I just found a very long blog article by Petr Kreuz in Czech (Google translate is your friend) from January 30, 2022 about Adam, who was previously responsible for PhD studies at the Mendel University. Some doctoral dissertations from that institution appear to be plagiarized, VroniPlag Wiki has currently published two documentations, Sai and Kst, and have more currently under consideration. The Mendel University worked closely with an Austrian company that was offering doctorates from Mendel University for a fee of 25.000 €.