Sunday, June 23, 2013

Humanities Plagiarism in Romania

Andrew Galloway, Professor at Cornell University in the USA, wrote an article entitled "The Culture of Plagiarized Dissertations in Romania: A Call for Inquiry in the Humanities—and Beyond?" for integru, the Romanian plagiarism documentation site, about a case that he investigated. A Romanian lecturer (who has since resigned) heavily plagiarized a 40-year-old dissertation. Galloway comments:
Asked about what “outcome” I could imagine for this case, therefore, I could only reply that the most productive outcome I could think of would be a searching investigation of the structure of advising, funding, mentoring, assessing, critiquing, and defending doctoral or any academic work at the institution in question.
Indeed, a "searching investigation" is what is needed at many universities, it seems to me, and not even more attempts to silence the whistleblowers. 

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