Thursday, May 9, 2013

Original and Forgery

Radio Bremen broadcast a special program on plagiarism today including a 14-minute interview with me (in German) about the situation at German universities with respect to plagiarism.


  1. This is a bit off-topic (not about plagiarism) but maybe interesting for you as well:

    "In their Comment article ‘Raise standards for preclinical cancer research’, C. Glenn Begley and Lee Ellis (Nature 483, 531–533; 2012)
    refer to scientists at Amgen who were able to reproduce findings in only 11% of 53 published papers. Several correspondents have asked
    for details of these studies, which were not provided in the article. The Amgen scientists approached the papers’ original authors
    to discuss findings and sometimes borrowed materials to repeat the experiments. In some cases, those authors required them to
    sign an agreement that they would not disclose their findings about specific papers. Begley and Ellis were therefore not free to identify
    the irreproducible papers — a fact that the Comment should have mentioned."

  2. The study itself is at and is a very interesting (and saddening) read.


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