Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Plagiarism Education Week April 22-26, 2013

This does smell of advertising, but this event sponsored by Turnitin, among others, is an important one, even if they are probably using it to harvest email addresses for potential customers ;)

There will be webcasts Monday to Friday at 10.00 PDT (that's 19.00 German time) on interesting topics - I've signed up for a few.
When I see all of these people at different USA universities active about plagiarism, and then look at the German universities that are just looking for software to buy,  I wonder what it will take to get Germany to this level of involvement...


  1. Turnitin is the wrong way. The Software should be free Software. Turnitin is way to expansive and they do not provide much service. They just make it look nice for the lazy reviewers.

    The funny (and most important) part is to create OCR softcopies of all the known papers, books and articles out there. So first, someone needs to fix copyright law and allow more open access and fair use (Not that little change that happened in Germany today).

    Google books/scholar is a much better source than turnitin. And *science* needs open access with open data. Everything else does not make any sense. Sorry.

  2. Oh, I quite agree with you, Anonymous! Google Books and Google Scholar are faster to use and more effective than Turnitin or any of the other software systems. But I am glad that people are talking about plagiarism, and if it takes a company to sponsor that, I'm happy about it.

    Open Access will make it easier to find the plagiarists. But will Germany fix it's broken copyright law before I retire? I'm not betting on it.


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