Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's raining plagiarism

Lots of new cases of plagiarism to be reported, here just a short overview:
  • A former dean of the business school of the University of Mannheim, now retired, has been accused of plagiarizing the thesis of a student. Handelsblatt reported on the case on April 14, 2013, but I won't link to them. Deutschlandfunk interviewed the current dean on the question. It seems the university was informed anonymously about the case and didn't take action until the plagiarized student stepped up and complained. 
  • Laborjournal reports on an Indian researcher who kept referring to herself as a professor from the University of Heidelberg. She did have a habilitation from the medical department, but had never taught (one must teach one course a year to keep the title). And then it turned out that her thesis was a plagiarism. The university has quickly responded by saying that the allegations surfaced in November 2011, but were made anonymously. 
  • Spiegel Online / Unispiegel report on a case in Russia in which a group of Russian academics appear to have set up a VroniPlag Wiki-like documentation of the dissertation of a politician. However, as Spiegel is wont to do, the link is wrong. I googled a better page at Dissernet:
  • Back in December there was another report about another group in Russia documenting plagiarism in another politician's doctorate. This person was a member of the educational committee, but stepped down from there when the plagiarism was published. He remains, however, in the DUMA.

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