Friday, July 27, 2012

VroniPlag Wiki - Case 28, Theology

I can barely keep up here ... Earlier this week, VroniPlag Wiki published case 28,  a dissertation in theology, approved by the University of Tübingen. In this rather bizarre case (but in a way, they are all bizarre in their own ways) the submitter already has a dissertation in medicine. And since he is working on spiritual healing, he just includes that dissertation here, without reference.

VroniPlag Wiki disregarded this in its page count, as there is a slight chance that the advisors accepted this. The medical doctorate is not included on the CV for Tübingen, but the Dr. Dr. is proudly displayed on web pages where the submitter is active.  There are about a quarter of the rest of the pages with plagiarism. A third of these pages include plagiarism on over 75 % of the pages.


  1. One may ask why a man at his 60ies, who is not involved in academic business at all, feels the need to add another PhD to his biography (okay, maybe because of his first PhD is a doctorate in medicine – which is not worth that much, actually). Some may think that it's due to his inner feel for scientific truth – however, would a man with such a motive jot down a compiled thesis that consists of his first dissertation and, to a large extent, a bunch of copied sources fulfill this demands? Or is it just vanity? It's quite puzzling to me... Only God may know...

    1. Vanity is probably the answer to your question.

  2. Obviously, VroniPlag found some further crucial issues in this case: The author doesn't only copy from other sources without any reference, he also seems to leave out those passages in the sources that do not agree with his personal view on the topic in question. What kind of concept does this „Doctor“ have of science?


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