Sunday, July 15, 2012

VroniPlag Wiki - Case 27 again from Münster

VroniPlag Wiki has published the 27th case on its home page, again a doctoral dissertation from the University of Münster in law. This author of this dissertation, as was the author of the 26th case, was a co-author of the law textbook that VroniPlag Wiki put up as the 25th case. The text parallels in case 27 are different from the ones in case 26. Where the latter had a lot of identical text, the former often has what is termed a "pawn sacrifice". The source is given, but the extent of the text that was taken is not made clear.

Münster was also the university where a duplicate dissertation in the medical faculty was discovered by chance by someone researching an article for the Wikipedia. They also granted a dissertation in medicine on the basis of a four page article co-authored by the doctoral advisor.

It seems that the law and medicine faculties there might need a refresher course on good scientific practice. I hope that the university makes it very clear what steps they are taking to insure that future dissertations do not include plagiarisms.

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