VroniPlagWiki Scorecard - Part I

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The VroniPlag Wiki platform has currently documented 50 cases of plagiarism in dissertations or habilitations since the zu Guttenberg case was documented on the GuttenPlagWiki. The first few cases - especially ones involving politicians in the wake of the zu Guttenberg case - were dealt with promptly. These are the cases 1-36 (the rest are at part II):

Documentation publicCurrent
KTzG 2009
Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg
(University of Bayreuth)
2011-02-16 After 2 weeks: doctorate rescinded
VS 2009
Veronika Saß
(University of Constance)
2011-03-28 After 6 weeks: doctorate rescinded,
Court approved
MCP 2007
Matthias Pröfrock
(University of Tübingen)
2011-04-04 After 12 weeks: doctorate rescinded
SKM 2001
Silvana Koch-Mehrin
(University of Heidelberg)
2011-04-10 After 10 weeks: doctorate rescinded
GC 2000
Georgios Chatzimarkakis
(University of Bonn)
2011-05-15 After 10 weeks: doctorate rescinded
Court approved
BDS 2008
Bijan Djir-Sarai
(University of Cologne)
2011-06-01 After 40 weeks doctorate rescinded
UB 2011
Uwe Brinkmann
(University of Hamburg)
2011-06-08 After 6 weeks: doctorate rescinded
MM 1987
Margarita Mathiopoulos
(University of Bonn)
2011-06-14 23 years after the first investigation on accused plagiarism  and 10 months after the publication on VroniPlag Wiki: doctorate rescinded. The university won the first round of court action.
SH 2003
Siegfried Haller
(University of Halle-Wittenberg)
2011-07-24 After 9 months: doctorate rescinded;
Court approved; Haller is appealing
JG 2009
Dr. Jürgen Goldschmidt
(Technical University of Berlin)
2011-07-30 After 19 months of investigation the university only requests a 2nd edition with "proper citation"
CS 2008
Prof. Dr. Cornelia Eva Scott
(University of Krakau, Poland)
2011-08-08 University of Cracow announces plagiarism found on Jan 12, 2012, refers case to a central authority. Central authority informs me in Polish, not even Google Translate can make sense of it.
AH 1998
Arne Heller
(University of Hamburg)
2011-08-28 Doctorate rescinded after 14 months
MW 2009
Dr. Martin Winkels
(University of Bonn)
2011-09-05 After 3 years the university reduces the grade to the lowest passing grade, but does not rescind the doctorate, stating that there is academic value despite the plagiarism in the thesis.
DV 2005
Dr. Daniel Volk
(University of Würzburg)
2011-09-19 After 17 months: It's okay to "quote" like this
UT 2003
PD Dr. Ulf Teichgräber
(Charité Berlin)
2011-10-12 After one month: no scientific misconduct to be seen, the doctoral students agreed to be copied like this
PES 2004
Prof. Dr. Patrick Ernst Sensburg
(Fernuniversität Hagen)
2011-10-18 After 8 weeks the university determines this to be "no case".
DD 1999
Prof. Dr. Detlev Dähnert
(BTU Cottbus)
2011-11-01 After 32 weeks the university determines that this is just a "technical weakness".
NK 2006
Dr. Nalan Kayhan
(University of Heidelberg)
2011-11-17 The university has determined that this is normal practice in medicine. Kayhan keeps her doctorate and is working on a habilitation, thus teaching younger students. 
AWB 1997
Prof. Dr. Andreas Wolfgang Bonz
(University of Heidelberg)
2011-12-21 From half a sentence in a press release it seems that the university has decided to let him keep his thesis.
MH 2007
Michael Heun
(Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)
2012-02-16 Doctorate rescinded after 6 months
LM 1999
Prof. Dr. Loukas A. Mistelis
(University of Hanover)
2012-03-12 On Oct. 1, 2013, after 18 months, the university announced that the doctorate is being rescinded.
AOS 2008
Dr. Asso Omer Saiwani
(TU Berlin)
2012-03-26 Still open
AHG 2006
Dr. Arne Herting
(University of Bochum)
2012-04-10 Said to have been rescinded, but Herting has sued.
NM 2007
Prof. Dr. Nasrullah Memon
(University of Aalborg, Denmark)
2012-04-18 Still open
BF 2004
Dr. Bernhard Fischel
(University of Heidelberg)
2012-06-19 Still open
JAM 2012
Holznagel, Schumacher, Ricke
(University of Münster)
2012-06-19 Publisher Nomos withdrew publication immediately 
PSC 2009
Pascal Schumacher
(University of Münster)
2012-06-28 Publisher Nomos withdrew dissertation immediately, doctorate rescinded
TR 2011
Thorsten Ricke
(University of Münster)
2012-07-15 Doctorate rescinded
JPM 2007(2011)
Dr. Dr. Jesu-Paul Manikonda
(University of Tübingen)
2012-07-25 Still open
RH 2009
Dr. Rodrigo Herrera
(Technical University Dresden)
2012-08-16 After 17 months, doctorate not rescinded, but prize recalled.
MB 2007
Dr. Mareike Bonnekoh
(University Münster)
2012-09-05 After 17 months the university decides despite scientific misconduct to only reprimand her, not rescind the doctorate.
CH 2011
Dr. Christian Huber
(University Freiburg/Br.)
2012-11-02 Still open
RAW 2007
Dr. Ruth Angela Wernsmann
(Veterinary College Hannover )
2012-11-02 After 14 months the university decides "only technical errors"
QF 2002
Dr. Qiang Fang
(University Tübingen)
2012-11-02 Still open
DM 2005
Dr. Dariusz Malan
(University Ulm)
2012-11-14 Still open
TN 2007
Dr. Tristan Nguyen
(Distance University Hagen)
2012-11-29 Habilitation rescinded, TN has stepped down as a professor
APA 2005
Dr. Alexandros Philippos Anastasiadis
(University Düsseldorf)
2012-11-29 Still open

I keep writing letters to rectors, asking them about progress in these cases. I don't get much in the way of answers.

Gerhard Fröhlich from the University of Linz put it so nicely:
Self control mechanisms are a myth in science to avoid any serious external control. I have studied all fraud affairs precisely and in almost every case anonymous allegations coupled with mass media outrage – in most recent years with an interim period of outrage on the internet – were necessary before the institutions themselves agreed to take action.
It seems that the moment the outrage dies down, the speed of investigation slows to a crawl.

Update 2012-06-20: There are two new cases, one a dissertation (and we don't produce the little barcodes any more, have to find something for that) and one a book for students on how to write scientifically in law incorporating the Internet. Over 35% of the pages contain plagiarism, including the chapter on plagiarism.
Update 2012-06-28: Case 26, the dissertation of one if the authors of case 25 is documented.
Update 2012-07-15: Case 27, the dissertation of another author of case 25 is documented.
Update 2012-07-25: Case 28, the dissertation in theology of a person with a doctorate in medicine. Bizarrely, the medical thesis is included as a large portion in the theology dissertation without reference and is not listed in the CV attached to the dissertation. The medical thesis was not counted as part of the plagiarism, although it would increase the count of pages with text parallels immensely.
Update 2012-08-16: Case 29, a highly mathematical thesis submitted to the business faculty. It was given a best grade and awarded a prize.
Update 2012-09-05: Case 30,  another dissertation in law from the University of Münster. The advisor is the first author from case 25.
Update 2012-10-26: Two doctorates rescinded, one from the University of Hamburg and one from the private Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.
Update 2012-11-03: A triple header ups the score to 33.  
Update 2012-12-09: Courts have upheld the Saß and Mathiopoulos cases, and two medical dissertations and a habilitation in business bring the tally to 36.
Update 2013-01-23: Case 9 deemed okay, despite 30 % plagiarism. There are 4 new cases, I think I need a new scorecard, this is getting too big....
Update 2013-09-14: Updated, part II set up (there are far too many cases!)
Update 2013-10-27:  The doctorate has been rescinded for case LM.
Update 2014-01-09: After 14 months the veterinary school in Hannover decided that Raw only contains "technical errors" and is only in the introduction, so the doctorate will not be rescinded.
Update 2014-02-28: A number of doctorates not rescinded, and many still pending.
Update 2014-08-29: Google writes to tell me that this page will no longer appear in search results. Well, seems that someone in the above list wants to hide what they did. This page appears intact if you know the link, but when you google the name of the person (and they will not tell me who that is) you won't get this page shown, which used to be quite prominent. I'll update the status while I am at it. 

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