Saturday, March 13, 2021

Rector of Turkish university accused of plagiarism

There was an article in the German taz this weekend (13/14 March 2021) about the rector of the Boğaziçi University in Turkey that just briefly mentioned that there have been plagiarism allegations against him. Turns out that Elizabeth Bik already has done a deep dive into the allegations in her Science Integrity Digest blog. She has documented a substantial bit of plagiarism. Note: I didn't develop the similarity texter, that was the work of my student Sofia Kalaidopoulou, adapting and enhancing code published by Dick Grune. It is a great tool for documenting plagiarism, though!

There is a brief article in duvaR, an English-language news site about Turkey, and the Times Higher Education also reported on this in January 2021. 

The rector, of course, finds all this slander, stating that it's only about a few missing quotation marks and that citation styles have changed since he wrote his thesis.

Styles may change, but it has been the case for quite some time that you have to make a clear distinction between words by someone else and words from you. Just slamming a reference on the end of a paragraph or putting it in the literature list does not cut it.

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