Thursday, February 28, 2013

Identifying Scam Publishers

I happened on an oldish site today, Preditors & Editors, that contains a listing of things for writers to look out for when they are considering publishing. Many of their general rules for spotting a scam publisher fit nicely to vanity publishers that abound in the scientific realm:
  • Openly advertises for writers in print or online publications or both.
  • The publisher claims that it's seeking to publish first-time authors.
  • Openly claims that it's not a vanity or subsidy publisher.
  • Claims that it has a new business model that will bring success, but never explains why successful publishers aren't utilizing it.
  • Claims that the established publishers and published writers are trying to block new writers from being published.
It's a long list, followed by a list of properties of a scam literary agent. They also have a list of publishers and other useful links for writers. They also appear to be under legal attack from people who don't like what David Kuzminski, the owner of the site, published.

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