Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Norwegian student forces instructor to include him as co-author

A master's student at the University in Oslo, according to a report (in Norwegian) on the university home page, discovered that his instructor had published one of his texts in the August 2011 issue of Edda.

The master's student had written a hjemmeeksamen (take-home test) about the novel by Thure Erik Lund called Inn in 2009. The instructor published the article on the same topic. The master's student registered a complaint with the university ombud for good scientific practice and requested that the next possible issue of Edda publish a correction naming him as co-author.

The university investigated the matter. The professor said that he had apparently used the take-home test for the next course and had believed the text was his own. The university has found that the instructor must ensure that a correction is published, and that this publication will not count for tenure or be listed as a university publication.

I find it good that the university has published this, including the names of the participants, on the university home page. Thanks to Gunnar for the link!


  1. Hi Debora,

    I guess you mean the August 2010 and not the 2001 issue. Otherwise it would be even more weird news.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on this subject!

    br, Jan

  2. Oops, typo! Should have been 2011. Thanks, I've corrected it!


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