Monday, August 8, 2011

Case Number 10

Another VroniPlag case hits the 10% level: Prof. Dr. Cornelia Scott

More details on the German professor who did her dissertation in Krakow, Poland, here:


  1. And if I have seen it right she is a regular professor at a university of Applied Sciences (not a honorary professor) and not active in politics ......

    But perhaps it is as in the own house, only when you effectively start cleaning you realize all the corners in which you find dirt....

  2. Hello Debora, This is very courageous of you doing this. Yes, we need some cleaning in the German academia.

  3. You should begin to apologize for accusing Prof. Scott of plagiarism. As citation rules differ from country to country, from university to university, from subject to subject...

    But it seems to difficult for people like you to accept this, maybe you devote your time better to teach children programming in C...

    German taxpayers have to pay for your chatting, blogging, having fun in diverse wiki systems...

    Progress and scientific achievements in informatics look different, but that would be real work,
    you are right better avoid and become an expert in google search.

  4. Dear anonymous commenter.

    A major part of the introduction has been lifted from Fernandez' paper. There is not even the tiniest reference to the original author near these paragraphs.
    Such a lack of citation is a severe case of scientific misconduct in Poland [1].
    Oh, and please stop your ad hominem attacks - they make you seem stupid and aggressive.


  5. Hi Anonymous, sorry, but you mean the rules for setting references. A citation is clear: you must mark the beginning and the end of the citation, and then set a reference. References are indeed done differently from country to country and from subject to subject. The goal is to be clear about what one did ones self and what is from others. Setting "own compilation" under something taken from the Wikipedia is not okay. Copying references from another source and pretending to have read them (and then forgetting to at least include them in the bibliography) is also not okay.

    Read up on scientific misconduct!

    Actually, research is free in Germany in the sense that I choose what I want to do research on. I can also spend my free time doing what I please.

    P.S. teaching children to program in C would be an utter waste of my time.


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