Monday, July 4, 2011

De plagio

If you read German, there is a group blog called "de plagio" (a truely wonderful play on words, as you can read it as "Plagiarism in Germany" or "about plagiarism"). They liveblogged the appearance of Mr. Chatzimarkakis on a German talk show (Anne Will) this evening. He tried to defend himself on account of his "accusers" being anonymous.

Anke Domscheidt-Berg did a great job of trying to explain to him what good scientific practice is and why what VroniPlag is doing is not judging him but documenting grave similarities between his thesis and much referenced but unquoted material (currently at 70% of the pages in his thesis). The show should be online in the "ARD Mediathek" for a week or so.

The de plagio blog is well worth reading!

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