Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Plagiarism Softwaretest 2010

I am happy to announce that we are, indeed, continuing to test so-called plagiarism detection systems. Last year we moved offices to a new campus, so there was no time to deal with research. But I again have a student researcher to help this summer.

We have developed 10 new test cases, this time in English. They include some "normal" plagiarism, some with European characters sprinkled in, an original, one that contains program source code in Perl, a translation from the French Wikipedia to English, a longish passage from a Google books, and an extensively rewritten version of a text from the Project Gutenberg.

We have identified 44 (!) plagiarism detection systems, with more showing up in blogspam every day. We are not sure that we will be able to test them all, but we will be giving it a good try. I have applied to extend the funding so that we can try as many as we can, and also do our write up in English and in German.

The current list:
  • AntiCutAndPaste
  • AntiPlag
  • AntiPlagiarist
  • ArticleChecker
  • Attributor
  • Blackboard / SafeAssign
  • BOSS 2
  • CatchItFirst
  • CodeSuite
  • CopyCatch Gold
  • CopyScape free edition
  • CopyScape Premium Edition
  • CopyrightSpot
  • Doc Cop
  • Docoloc
  • Ephorus
  • Eve2
  • FairShare (von Attributor)
  • GenuineText
  • iPlagiarismCheck /checkforplagiarism
  • JPlag
  • Kopi Protection
  • MOSS
  • Picapica
  • PlagAware
  • PlagiarismChecker.com
  • Plagiarism Detector
  • Plagiarism-Finder
  • Plagiarisma
  • PlagiarismAnalyzer
  • plagiarismdetect.com
  • plagiarismsearch.com
  • plagium
  • PlagScan
  • ProfNet / PlagiatService
  • StrikePlagiarism
  • TextGuard
  • Turnitin
  • The Plagiarism Checker
  • Urkund
  • WCopyfind
The criteria are more quantified than they were before, and we have a detailed usability test included. We also insist on being able to find a proper real world address for the companies and get a response to our emails that is not generated by a robot. 

We started testing last week and noticed that many of our first test cases now come through clean because the sources that we plagiarized from are no longer available online. However, Bing has taken copies of our first group of test cases, so we have to exclude these from the results. We look forward to seeing how the systems have changed!

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  1. Your results will be of great interest to many academics. The college at which I work had TurnItIn for several years. Though the cost for the software license was significant, the number of proprietary sources against which TurnItIn was checking grew every year. Virtually ALL of our library periodical databases, as well as open web content, were part of the scan. Faculty had students scan their drafts so they could work with them to correct citation problems and help students avoid plagiarism. Now the TurnItIn license has been cancelled and we must live with SafeAssign which comes with the Blackboard course management system. It appears that their coverage is miniscule compared to TurnItIn. We await your assessment so that we can be fully informed of options in this area.
    Tish Brennan
    Providence, RI, USA


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