Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quoting Twitter

An interesting question came up yesterday as I was helping prepare some web content on how to quote things from the Internet properly. The question was: How do you quote a Tweet on Twitter?

My first feeling was - sure, if there is anything on Twitter worth quoting, it should be quotable. So we set about looking for something to quote and then figure out how to quote it properly.

We looked and looked, but I had to admit that there was nothing in my Tweetstream I felt was fitting enough to quote. So - we tweeted something in order to quote it:

Now, all we have to do is quote it. We looked and looked for how to find the status number of the tweet, it took quite sometime until we found it hidden under the time stamp. Click on it, and you get a web page with just this tweet, and the URL is the unique name with the ID number for the Tweet. So all you have to do now is write
Tweet by WeWuWiWo., from March 25, 2010.

Glad we got that settled. 

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