Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Warning: Top-Ranked Plagiarism Detection System found to contain Trojan Backdoor!

A reader from Norway, Lothar Fritsch from the Norwegian Computing Center, reports that the installer for Plagiarism-Detector, a system that came in second in our 2008 test of plagiarism detection software, is infected with a Trojan backdoor. The reader has updated his virus-detection software and downloaded the installer from plagiarism-detector.com again - the Trojan is still there. Das ist nicht die Test-Version, er hat eine Lizenz gekauft.

Until further notice we cannot recommend the use of this system! The company was notified on December 5, 2008 of this grave problem. The company promises "answers with minutes". Today is December 9, the Norwegians are still waiting for even an answer that someone has read about their problem.

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  1. Hello,

    This is Mike Sanders from www.plagiarism-Detector.com.

    I ran across this post when I was searching for the latest news on Plagiarism.

    The explanation of a virus alert is pretty simple - our copy protection system resulted in virus False Positive alert.

    We completely changed the registration system as soon as we become aware of the incident, thus no "virus" alert is reported any longer.

    You can find most detailed information of the instigation on the mentioned issue here: False Positive Virus Alert

    I do really regret it took us that long too respond to the issue!

    It's too bad I found your note only today.

    I will try to contact Prof. Debora Weber Woolf a.s.a.p. as I have already seen the same "virus alert" note in the update of her research done on Plagiarism.

    As soon as I will be able to get any official explanation from F-Secure I will update you here.


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