Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Plagiarius Awards 2008

The 2008 Awards for plagiarism of product designs have been awarded!

First place is for a salt and pepper shaker set, second place goes to a vegetable slicer (even the package is plagiarized!) and third place was awarded to something useful in heating elements (never seen one myself before, but that is beside the point).

Two special awards were given to a watch fabricator and to a "serial criminal" who has copied an entire series of technical toys.

Eight other products were given a dishonorable mention. They are on exhibition at the Plagiarism Museum in Solingen, Germany. The awards have been given yearly since 2004, and there is apparently no dearth of candidates.

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  1. Would you please describe the extent to which your university - or other German universities - require students to footnote their writings?


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