Friday, June 29, 2007

Test of Plagiarism Detection Software

I am currently redoing my E-Learning-Unit on plagiarism, "Fremde Federn Finden" (in German). As part of the work I am repeating the test that I conducted on plagiarism detection software in 2004. Then I used 10 papers that I wrote myself with a known amount of plagiarism / originality to see how well the software measured up. It was not a pretty sight - often flipping a coin was just as effective.

For the repeat of the experiment I have 10 more papers and will be conducting tests over the summer of the following products from various countries:
If any of my readers know of any other software, please let me know! If you are a software producer of plagiarism detection software, please contact me so that I can include you in the test.

The results will be published online in September 2007.



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  2. Thanks, just found copyscape today. It does not look promising - I did a mini-test with a URL which is open but not linked. It is pretty much an exact copy of the old version of my E-Learning Unit, which in itself borrows liberally from my first page explaining plagiarism to teachers.

    Copyscape found no hits. We'll see how it does on the formal test, I'll written to ask for access to their premium edition.

    Never heard of the Wordpress plugin, we'll have a look!

    Thanks for the references!

  3. Can you please share the results of your study of evaluating different plagiarism related software


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